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Gender Reassignment

At Columbia Asia, we understand that gender reassignment not only requires internationally benchmarked physiological procedures but also holistic care with psychological support

Columbia Asia Hospital – Mysore has a robust gender reassignment program for management of gender dysphoria (meaning unhappiness with one's gender) and people who wish to change their gender referred to as 'transsexuals'.

Transsexualism is 'a gender identity disorder in which the person manifests, with constant and persistent conviction, the desire to live as a person of the opposite sex and progressively takes steps to live in the opposite sex role full-time for life.' 

The team of plastic surgeons, endocrinologists, psychiatrists and psychologists are specially trained in some of the premier institutes in India and abroad and follow management protocols accepted internationally. The precision with which the various stages of surgeries are to be done has been acquired by the plastic surgeon through performing many surgeries of this kind.

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Steps for enrollment in the gender reassignment program

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Criteria for sex reassignment management including surgery

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Evaluation by a psychiatrist

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Treatments and Procedures

Gender reassignment surgery for male to female

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Gender reassignment surgery for female to male

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