Mr. Hatem Shares his Experience of Undergoing a Hip Replacement Surgery

Ammar developed pain in his hip joints leaving him unable to walk at the mere age of 21. When surgery and treatment in his home country didn't help, he sought healthcare at Columbia Asia India where he underwent a technologically advanced Hip replacement procedure.
Within a week of the surgery, he was fit enough to go back home and was able to walk once again without any help within a month.

Mr. Ammar Hatem

Mr. Hassoon Shares his Story of Being Treated for a Cancerous Tumour

Abed Ali was faced with the life-altering decision of having his bladder removed at his doctor's recommendation after being diagnosed with a cancerous tumour. However, after seeking a second opinion at Columbia Asia, he discovered the tumour could be removed without affecting the bladder. Our team performed a 9-hour surgery without needing any blood transfusions and within 3 weeks, Abed was able to walk and perform other body functions normally.

Mr. Abed Ali Hassoon

Mrs. Nihad Shares her Journey of Undergoing Parkinson's Treatment

Nihad had been undergoing Parkinson's treatment for 8 years but faced extreme side effects due to the medication which included giddiness, nausea, belching. Her disease had also progressed to a level where she was completely dependent on her family for daily activities which disheartened her immensely.

After trying many hospitals in numerous countries, she came to Columbia Asia where our team tailored a treatment to cater to her complex condition. About six months after the procedure, her tremor and gait issues improved significantly, helping her lead a better life.