Bariatric Surgery

Mr. Harlan Talks about his Life-Changing Bariatric Surgery

Chad Harlan decided to undergo bariatric surgery after severe weight gain caused by arthritis. The diagnosis made it difficult for him to exercise even though he was an active individual since college. He decided on the procedure as a solution and felt transformed afterwards in terms of how he felt and looked, calling it the best decision for himself, his family and career.

Mr. Chad Harlan

Ms. Vidart Shares her Journey after a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

After being prescribed insulin for her diabetes, Virginia experienced immense weight gain as a side effect.

She came to our hospital in India seeking a solution was pleasantly surprised with the quick yet thorough and accurate diagnosis conducted by our doctors. After the surgery Virginia couldn’t stop smiling as she didn’t need insulin, had no blood pressure or sleep apnea and had begun to lose weight within a few days after the surgery.

Ms. Virginia Vidart

Mr. Hawks Discusses his Transformation after Undergoing Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

After retirement Chris Hawks started gaining weight which he tried to lose by exercising. But he stopped exercising because of ankle sprain and the fat came back fast.

He then chose Columbia Asia for a Laproscopic surgery. He was surprised by the lack of pain and the energy he had after the procedure. Soon he lost 70 pounds and was mentally and physically in a better shape. He shared that he loved how Columbia Asia treats the patient like a real person.

Mr. Chris Hawks