Orthopedics and Joint Replacements

Mr. Hatem Shares his Experience of Undergoing a Hip Replacement Surgery

Ammar developed pain in his hip joints leaving him unable to walk at the mere age of 21. When surgery and treatment in his home country didn't help, he sought healthcare at Columbia Asia India where he underwent a technologically advanced Hip replacement procedure.
Within a week of the surgery, he was fit enough to go back home and was able to walk once again without any help within a month.

Mr. Ammar Hatem

Mr. Wahab Shares his Experience of Successfully Undergoing Rehabilitation Treatment

Abdel suffered a spinal cord injury which left him a paraplegic, unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair. After a thorough examination, the team at Columbia Asia formulated an extensive occupational therapy and physiotherapy treatment to build his strength and agility. The results of the same were remarkable and he was able to walk short distances and perform many of his day to day activities himself.

Mr. Abdel Wahab

Mrs. Mubarak Talks about Undergoing Rehabilitation Treatment for RTA

Abir Mubarak met with an accident in her home country and had to undergo a neuro surgery. But post the procedure, she was in a critical stage where she was on a ventilator and was unable to walk or speak.

She sought treatment at Columbia Asia and our team prepared a holistic rehabilitation plan for her which included speech and swallowing therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy to establish different functional abilities. Within 2 months of admittance, her family saw her walk using a walker, eat, speak and perform other daily tasks independently.

Ms. Mahmood Shares her Story of Rehabilitation Treatment Post RTA

After meeting with an accident at a young age, Muna lost the functional ability to walk and faced problems performing other movements. She decided to undergo an intensive rehabilitation program at Columbia Asia in an attempt to regain some of her ability and lead a more independent life. Her rehabilitation program involved a combination of physiotherapy and occupational therapy to build on her physical strength as well as functional ability. After 10 months of working hard with our team, she successfully attained 80% independence.

Ms. Muna Mahmood